Friday, November 21, 2008

So you want to give up on the church?

Why do I need church?

"I can worship God on my own, on my own time, and in my own way.  I don't need a room full of hypocrites and abusive folk."

I understand where this sentiment comes, because the church is not very ideal.  Every thing that Christopher Hitchens lays against the church in "God is not Great" is true.

However, I believe that freedom is one of our highest gifts as Americans.  We are free to vote.  We are free to speak.  We are free to own property.  We are free to go across this country without too much hinderance.  We are free to worship.

But true freedom to worship is found in a community of believers.  It is when I am free to worship within a community of faith and know that I will not be harmed for expressing my personal views of God then I know true freedom.  If I say, I do not need a community, because I will worship freely outside the church, then their is not any freedom.   The church constrains people to believe narrowly.  The person has to hide their feelings about God.  It is in community where true freedom is found that people can grow through their interaction with one another and with God.

That is why you need the church and we need you.  We need to be free.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Thursday, I got a call from a consultant company asking me if I wanted to be coached.  This is a high profile company that is marketed through its founder who is an author and its storefront businesses.  I said, "Yes." With a bit of curiousity and just wanted to see if being coached through some issues and hangups I have with my own ability to implement things.

I had a 90 minute interview with a gentleman who was basically a salesman.  He told me early on that I needed to be a decision maker and needed to make a choice that day as to whether or not I would commit to this program of coaching. At that point, I was really wary, because I hate that type of sales gimmick.  Also, that means this dude was more interested in saling me something rather than getting me to the goals I wanted.

The cost of the coaching was $5000.00.  I declined.  He pushed the sale and said my file was going to be closed.  I said, "I think you will most likely take my money if I change my mind."  This kind guy was upset. 

I thought to myself, what a terrible sales pitch.  Say the right words and notch up the pressure then when a person is not willing to shell out $5000.00 be adverserial.  That might work in an economy that is booming and when your services are in high demand, but in a market where money is tight, a softer way is the way to go.

I put a card in my planner and it says, $5000.00.  I will move it everyday and it is a reminder that I can change my behaviors if motivated.  $5000.00 is pretty good motivation.