Friday, June 30, 2006


Yesterday, my son taught me about trusting with a cookie.

For lunch, I got a bagel and the combo on the bagel was a drink and cookie for a couple of bucks more. I wanted a drink and I thought I would give my son a cookie for after school.

The cookie was beside me, so I snitched a piece after I finished my bagel sandwich. When I picked him up, I decided that I as preist of the house, I would take my tithe, so I snitched a piece.

My son requested as we drove home, that I look forward and put my hand in the back seat. I did. He placed a cookie a piece of cookie in my hand. He gave me what I wanted. He then finished all he wanted of the cookie and gave me a bite left in the bag.

My son would have taken care of my desires if I would have trusted him. As I sat in the driver's seat, I felt like I was the child and he was the parent. That kid reversed the roles quickly on his pops.

I began thinking about this level of trust in my relationship with Jesus. How much do I trust Jesus to fill my needs and even my desires. How much trust is there? It is a growing edge for me and perhaps, I will no I am further up the road when I had a full cookie to my son next time.

Fearless Joy,

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A month later here is a picture from Nathan's birthday. He was sick on his birthday and we had to delay the party until Memorial Day.

In the Tol, he chose a rice cake which means wealth and a book which means intelligence.

Thomas Friedman would be delighted with such a choice.

Fearless Joy,