Monday, July 06, 2009

Church Camp

Just got back from church camp on Saturday and I realized that church camp is so countercultural and phony in a way. In a few weeks, I will go to the General Assembly of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and we will gather a few thousand of us in Indianapolis. Interesting aspect of that is this, we will have groups gathering together that have affinity. There will be a peace group, GLAD Gays and Lesbians, missions oriented folk, folks who are passionate about evangelism, etc. We will divide ourselves out.

At camp, we tell the kids that they are to like and be in relationship with folks they don't like. So, we put the boys with the girls. We put the cool kids and the awkward kids together. We try to destroy cliques in the name of community building.

I thought about it, these kids don't experience this in their lives. How many of their parents break down barriers to include all people in their lives? I am sure the kids don't do it at school, but I am sure they are more tolerant than their parents. I see it at PTA and Baseball leagues where parents gather. I have been on the inside and I have been on the outside. So, the counselers at camp say love everybody and do it. Then they go home and don't see it at home or in the church.

I am not sure if it is sad condemnation of church and home, or is camp just nuts?
What do you think?

fearless joy,